"Autism Speaks is an organization that ostensibly advocates for autistic people’s needs. Their focus, however, is on treatments and cures for autism, rather than accommodation or support. It has been criticized throughout many parts of the autism community for the demonization and mischaracterization of autistic people. Autism Speaks performs a sort of third-person activism: it claims to advocate for autistics without inviting us to speak or challenge their ideas about disability, accommodation and identity. Many of us, even those of us who are considered more “severely” autistic, are able to define what our own community needs without non-autistic people defining the entire narrative on autism and the autistic experience. The attitude they adopt towards autistic people is paternalistic, and assumes that they, as “normal” people, know what is best for us, without consulting any autistic people for their opinions on their policy."

Autism Speaks does not speak for autistic people - Tufts University