"A novel, alternative and deeper view to the “selfish gene” paradigm is presented, describable as the “selfish code” frame. Introducing it, we put forth a quantum mechanical algorithm as a new description of the intracellular protein synthetizing machinery. The successive steps of the algorithm are, tentatively, semiotic constraints of the well-known quantum mechanical molecular “internal measurement” type. It is proposed that this molecular algorithm mediates a quantum mechanical time reversed dynamics with a primordial special version of this latter molecular measurement type (“mixed measurement”) as its origin. It is furthermore suggested that this intracellular regressive algorithmical dynamic is a component of biological “motion”, the other, strongly coupled component being the macroscopic phenotypic motion. The biological “invariant of motion” of this hierarchically coupled overall generalized dynamics is suggested to be the evolutionally converged invariant genetic code vocabulary. It forms, possibly, the underlying internal “driving force” of evolution, as being “struggle for life”."

The Biological “Invariant of Motion” vs. “Struggle for Life”? On the Possible Quantum Mechanical Origin and Evolution of Semiotic Controls in Biology

"In 10% of human tumors there is a family history of hereditary disease associated with mutations in identified genes. The best examples are the cases of polyps in the large intestine associated with the APC gene and breast cancer associated with BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.[… T]he remaining 90% of cases are believed to have an increased risk of developing cancer in relation to genetic variants less powerful but more often, for example, doubl[ing] the risk of having a tumor that lacks this small change, called [a] polymorphism.
In the last decade, hundreds of studies have been conducted looking for polymorphisms associated with a greater propensity to suffer some of the most frequent human tumors. These tests, called GWAS, have found a common problem: [in many case]s the tiny genetic change observed appears to have no activity or function to explain [why] it is associated with more cancer.
Today, an article published in Cell Reports led by Manel Esteller, Director of Epigenetics and Cancer Biology, Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) , ICREA researcher and Professor of Genetics at the University of Barcelona, solves part of this enigma. Research shows that in one in four human tumor[s] exist[s] genetic polymorphisms associated with [an] increased risk of cancer […] caus[ing] epigenetic changes that modif[y] the expression of neighboring genes."

IDIBELL - Identified epigenetic factors associated with an increased risk of developing cancer

"Yet even amid his fear, he yearned for the girls’ friendship. And still does. The teen — speaking publicly for the first time about what happened to him — remains more concerned about protecting his relationship with the girls than about what authorities have charged them with doing to him."

The Washington Post - Autistic Md. boy says he wants to resume relationship with girls accused of abusing him

"Right now, whether you are seated at your desk sipping a coffee, slumped into a recliner at home, riding a stationary bike at the gym, or orbiting the planet on the International Space Station, your DNA is being constantly modified. We’ve always known that our genes shape our lives. But we’re learning now that our lives shape our genes[, w]hich makes [what] we do and experience in our lives even more important."

Sharon Moalem, physician, scientist, and author of Survival of the Sickest, How Sex Works, and Inheritance (AMA)

Sheraton roof

Sheraton roof

Game of Thrones binge-watch update

That guy killing people for the stark girl looks like a French Nick Kroll.

Edit: Now he just looks French.

Steve Hodor!

That underinflated Macy’s balloon is right…
That underinflated Macy’s balloon is right…