"A way of verifying that neutrellos accumulated in the earth are responsible for the decay—accelerating effect could be to place a radioactive sample on board a spacecraft and measure how the decay rate varies with increasing distance from the earth."

A light Higgs particle explains physics mysteries (10/14/14)

Pssssst. Voyagers 1 and 2 have nuclear fuel sources and 30 years of voltage telemetry. For obvious reasons we haven’t risked launching too many nuclear reactors into space, and near-earth or short-lived experiments using small radioisotope samples might not cut it.

Another downtown shot from the Viacom roof.

Another downtown shot from the Viacom roof.

At the service entrance to the Times Square Viacom building.

At the service entrance to the Times Square Viacom building.

In many specialized modern life niches there are risks that don’t appear to match the personal rewards received directly by the parties involved. A combination of simple advantage-taking and some sort of Hamilton’s law-esque distributed replication probability boost for nearby similar DNA might explain the decidedly non-rational (to an economist) behavior of such agents, but even if that’s the whole picture, parsing the two in a given situation is tricky. At what scale do you truncate for reciprocity (and can you even)? Seemingly parasitic ecological relationships are sometimes later found to be links in mutualistic rings involving physical scales that only recently became accessible in any great detail. Strange truths are revealed (and common ones are obscured, apparently) by the personalized hamster wheel of industrial capitalism.


Food and Toys (Merv Griffin, 1983)

Colin Quinn gets it.

Anonymous said: When someone takes on the media, they can't count on looking good in the media. The only question is whether you'll be painted as a petulant child, a dangerous fanatic, an airheaded dreamer, or all that at the same time. Thus, trying to distance oneself from #gamergate is a fool's errand. You won't look good, so stop trying. But don't stop trying to BE good. Take care, man.


I’m not going to distance myself from GamerGate until I have nothing to say on that front. I have at least three more contributions to make. 

Man, how weird is it when air headed dreamer starts sounding like an appealing representation.

I’m actually a very careful and calculating dreamer, than you very much.

Perfect spot to leave out a letter at the end there.

"Gradually the data will start to make more and more sense. Imagine how excited the relevant portion of the scholarly community will be when it is discovered through diligent sleuthing that Thor41338 on the Gamer’s Guild forum is the same person as Hunter Glenderson from Charleston, South Carolina, and two seemingly different pieces of the early 21st century milieu slide neatly into place."

In the future, everyone will be famous to fifteen people - Slate Star Codex